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Catastrophes, Fires, Flood, Accidents, etc... Post those photos, videos and articles about the above topics right here of both 'Birds and other RV's to share and compare with the group.

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Old 11-30-2011
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Default It's Fire Prevention Review Time

We tend to forget these things after time so here is a reminder, these are excerpts form these November 2009 threads, it may be a good idea to go over them again as a reminder;

Wanderlodge Owners Group > For Sale Or Wanted > Catastrophes, Fires, Flood, Accidents, etc... > FIRE!!!!!Cheech and Chong, (Randy's 'Bird) up in smoke!

Wanderlodge Owners Group > For Sale Or Wanted > Catastrophes, Fires, Flood, Accidents, etc... >What did we learn from Randy's Barbecued 'Bird?

Wanderlodge Owners Group > For Sale Or Wanted > Catastrophes, Fires, Flood, Accidents, etc... > Rob Robinson's 'Bird Fire Bakersfield CA

November 5, 2009

Last night after going out to eat some Mexican food with Randy and Carol, we did some shopping and Carol has really been motivated by what happened to their 'Bird, so one item they were picking up was a fire extinguisher for a friend and I told her that my big outside extinguisher had not been tested by a professional since 1987 and she wanted me to buy a new fire extinguisher right then, Randy and I explained to her that it was a powder type and that it could probably be recharged, so if you are around Carol, she is the new FIRE MARSHALL on the block and there is nothing wrong with that, she will probably be checking yours too, so be prepared.

Here are some more pictures taken from the front from the 'BIRD BAR-B-QUE at Randy's taken by Randy's brother, just to refresh our memories a little and put our thinking caps on about this tragedy.

We can all figure out that the small 3# handheld fire extinguisher shown above would have had about as much effect on Randy's fire if it would have just been thrown at the 'Bird, but the fire extinguishers in our 'Birds seem to be one of those things that some of us hardly even look at and don't take the time to have them tested, don't just look at the gauge and take that as an indication that the extinguisher will work correctly when you need it, I am just as guilty at that habit myself. I do look at the extinguishers gauge whenever I see each of the four extinguishers that I have, three of the small 3# sizes like the one in the picture above, distributed inside my 'Bird at the front, in the center and at the back and a large 9# size located inside of the right front outside compartment.

It is recommended that the fire extinguisher be checked for the gauge to indicate that it is charged and ready for use every month and then once a year it should be tested by an authorized dealer, or some fire departments will do this too, check with your local fire departments for their recommendations.

It wasn't but a short time later that Rob posted;

November 26, 2009

At 6:45pm today my 94 BB experienced an engine bay fire in Bakersfield Ca. We pulled into the Walmart lot at around 5pm, shopped for half an hour, watched tv for an hour and then went to dinner at the Road House. While in the restaurant the fire began. It is most likely electrical in nature but this will have to be confirmed by an inspector I'm sure. When the waitress informed me of the fire all I could think about was our little dog Joey. I ran into the parking lot and was immediately told that Joey was safe. I found him in the arms of a petite little gal. Get this......she borrowed a tire iron, smashed the window in the door, climbed in got Joey and passed him out the window before climbing out herself. All this before the fire department arrived. When the local news arrived and wanted to interview me I gave them a few particulars and told them they needed to talk to this little gal. They did and hopefully she'll get some Attaboys for saving my dog. In the confusion I didn't get her name but I'm going to try and rectify that before long. I'm no expert when it comes to damage assessment but I think this is a write off. I can tell that the fire most likely began in the area of the 3 engine batteries or the main electrical panel directly behind them on the bulkhead. I will take pictures tomorrow. Sue and I will remain in Bakersfield for a few days to sort things out and figure out how to get our stuff home. We'll keep you posted but in the mean time you folks start checking those high current wires.


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