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General Discussion of preventative/corrective maintenance and other technical issues regarding your coach that are not covered in other Mechanic's Corner categories (ex. refrigerators, water heaters, and compressors).

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Old 09-06-2018
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Default Ramps

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Crit Bliss
Cape Cod,ma
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Old 09-06-2018
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Rick Shawver
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Old 09-06-2018
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Xxx3. I try to be very selective about my contributions to ALL forums because of several reasons but this is one of the most important.

The thread about common sense also ties in very nicely with this thread. I believe a well built set of wooden ramps used with some common sense should be perfectly safe.
Wood usually deforms with visible evidence before total collapse. Steel and wood can both yield ( bend or fail) with no advance warning but my experience leads me to think that steel is more prone to that kind of failure.

I have a lot of experience around Dozers, and have seen steel tracks slide on a metal trailer floor ( dovetail) and they will also slide easily on concrete. Steel jack stands or ramps can slip easily also. Wood is much less likely to slip on these surfaces.

I worked on a large ship once. We put it in dry dock for maintenance. The cribbing underneath was built from hardwood blocks. It’s pretty hard to find fault with the strength of wood when you see it holding up a very large ship.

So my opinion is to use care and realize what is a bad idea in your mind might be perfectly normal and safe acceptable practice to someone else An example of this might be some of the huge laminated beams holding up very wide span buildings around the Northwest part of this country. Wood was plentiful and cheaper than steel so the builders came up with a perfectly good plan to safely use it.

Be careful whatever you choose to use.

Max Hendrix
Weatherford Texas

96 BMC 40' Sold
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Old 09-06-2018
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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
Jim,i think KC did not post as much after the ramp debate,and there are others too.
We are missing out here you guys,some smart guys not posting because of the "debates".
I for one think this is a great thread.

Rich Hogan started this thread asking for suggestions about building a set of ramps rather than, as he said, “just building something that may, or may not be safe”.

I think a person should be man or woman enough to ask questions and answer questions when it relates to a safety issue such as ramp design and be willing to at least listen to constructive criticism or speak up if they see a problem.

These words from KC tend to make me think he would agree:

“Hey guys, gang up, pile on, shoot me down. It makes for a better WOG forum. I appreciate all your comments and opinions. It gives me more ideas. There is always room for improvement, like improving home improvement, or work ramps as the case may be. I think Gardner has a point about gaps. I may cover the flat sections where the tires sit with something solid, or just add several more upright spacers in that area.”
John Wyatt
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Old 09-06-2018
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I do like that John M put extra dunnage under his jacks and other places as a backup to the ramps.
You can't be too safe,and even the smartest guys can have brain fade.
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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Old 09-06-2018
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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
I do like that John M put extra dunnage under his jacks and other places as a backup to the ramps.
You can't be too safe,and even the smartest guys can have brain fade.
That's what allot of folks don't mention. NEVER get under a coach without having the redundancy along with ramps. NEVER with a jack only and NEVER with only ramps, steel or wood. Mine are aluminum but super strong for 18 wheelers. IMHO plywood should never be used in any circumstance.
Phil Swanson
Baby 'Bird
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Old 09-06-2018
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I use to play with explosives for a living, maybe I had too many loud bangs bashing my brains, but I can assure you I gave it serious thought before I built my ramps. Notice: I said, my ramps. I respected KC and I used his purely as a model to copy. I called a man who had used KC's ramps on several occasions and I trusted his judgement on the quality and soundness of KC's design, before I built mine. No one will crawl under my bus or any other bus with these ramps without redundancy. We had the bus on the ramps and all the levelers down, blocks of wood used, enough to burn all night if they were in a fire. A pair of 16T jack stands, and a 24T house jack was there but we felt confident, and it would only be in the way. My ramps are only 7.5 inches tall, not 10 or 12 and they are 13" wide and nearly 27" wide with the inside drives on its own blocks. The main ramp stand & the dually blocks were strapped together on broom finished concrete so it was not likely for them to slip apart. The ramps will always be used on a solid concrete surface, never on soil, sand or gravel. Before I built mine I checked wood tensile strengths and found that long leaf pine was rated pretty high and that is what is sold mostly in our neck of the woods. It was my choice of wood due to weight, red oak would have been better but finding kiln dried oak of any type is nearly impossible and I don't have an army of men to pack them out of the garage. These I can pick up and place on a furniture cart and move them here at home where ever I need them. In the future I will add more uprights in spaces of voids when my time permits. ****, I may even sand, shellac and paste wax them just because they're mine! Because I think they will serve me well and they do look pretty good.
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John McGinnis,
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Old 09-07-2018
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Ramps look good
Gene Mehr
Marcia Mehr
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