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Old 09-08-2015
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Seat belts at the commode should work well for either an over active back seat driver or a over active child.
Chris and Roe Damen
DeLand, FL. 32720
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1973 GMC Motorhome
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Old 09-09-2015
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Originally Posted by Bearmtnmartin View Post
Don't forget the kids are on holiday as well. You can tell them they should enjoy looking at the scenery but a 10 year old just plain will not be interested. .

That all depends on the kid, when I was 10 years old and also at an earlier age, I thought that just going for a ride in the car was one of the greatest adventures to be had especially if I got to ride shotgun, so I was very excited when my Mom and Dad took my older sister Agnes and our cousin Mildred, my little brother Ed and myself from Rock Island, Ill. out to see my older brother graduate from US Air Force basic training at Parks AFB, Calif. in our 1954 Chevrolet similar to this one.

I am sure that we put Mom and Dad through some rough times but for the most part I was very well entertained with all of the scenery and new places, here is part of a Facebook conversation between me and my younger brother about that trip, that is me on the left in my blue suit, our cousin took the picture.

  • John Finn "Where are the smiles"......we didn't need no stinkin' smiles back then )You have to remember 6 of us had just completed a 2500 mile one way trip, way before any Interstates in a 1954 Chevy two door sedan, with no airconditioning in the middle of the summer (

  • Ed Finn I didn't mind as long as there was a Snow Crop orange juice can available. See if you can remember what that was about.

  • John Finn I think that would be for those tense moment when Dad would say..."We don't have tome to stop right now"

  • Ed Finn Get out the can and let it rip!
    June 25, 2012 at 11:07am ยท Like
I can't remember when the last time was that I used a Snow Crop orange juice can, thanks to the more modern facilities in my 'Bird

I still enjoy the scenery and that is probably why I enjoy traveling the back roads on my trips. When my older brother was still alive we would talk about our trips with Mom and Dad, so my sister-in law purchased each of us one of these t-shirts.................how many times had I heard that on those trips.

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Old 09-09-2015
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Default Prescription for Kids

A sympathetic pediatrician prescribed chloral hydrate syrup for such occasions. He was sympathetic due to the fact that to visit his family he had to drag his kids on a 20 hour flight to Asia. It worked well when the little ones couldn't be soothed. Especially on planes.
Before the Bird I purchased a full size conversion van thinking the cockpit seats in the back were far enough apart they couldn't "touch one another" once strapped in. Joke was on me. First utterance on departure in the new van was "He's looking at me." My arm just wasn't long enough to reach back and persuade them not to fight in the van! Although they are all older now this last trip to Alaska in the Bird they still managed to fight with one another on occasion. It's gonna happen no matter what on board entertainment is available.
Ed Allison
1986 PT 40
"Gypsy Rose"
Kansas, Il
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Old 09-10-2015
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Got the Camping World "Around the Campfire" in e-mail today and saw an article I thought went well with this thread.
So for those who may be interested, here is a link http://www.campingworld.com/blog/pos..._medium=email/
Dave Ward
Mesa, AZ
1980 FC 31 SB

(She's Just a Little Slow)
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Old 09-13-2015
Mark Cowart Mark Cowart is offline
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Default 36 hours til blastoff

Seeing that the next two weeks will be our shakedown trip, we will have a chance to try out some of the ideas posted.
We did spend lots of time deciding the best way to make coffee and fine tuning the BBQ grill.
I am limiting the kids to two stuffed toys each, four sets of daytime clothes ( easy since weather is still very pleasant) and they have each chosen one movie ( enough viewing time to get us 8 hours down the road). The rest of kid provisions include books, paper, glue crayons.......and extra batteries.
I mounted a whiteboard for posting daily schedule with fine print at the bottom "subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances".
And then there is the paper road maps. I never leave home without them.
I am sure we will think of some must have items tomorrow.
Mark & Rebecca Cowart +
Kelsea and the triplets Rachel,Parker & Spencer
Bend, OR
1988 PT40
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Old 09-13-2015
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Thinking back to when our kids were young with our then "new" BB. Some has already been mentioned:

Having designated places for the kids "stuff", toys, etc. Our kids had plastic trays/totes for the small stuff that organized the overhead bins very well.

Kids play outside and get shoes wet, dusty, or otherwise filthy. Sandals, mesh tennis style shoes, or Croc's are easy to clean & quick to dry. We stored shoes in a plastic tray in a undercouch bin. The bin was kept near the door at campsites...shoes off before entering.

Laundry is a challenge of course, more so if cotton is worn. Synthetic athletic type clothes are much easier to hand wash and will dry quickly.

Before leaving anywhere...an adult walks around the bus outside. Amazing what you will find left behind. Then do in inside the bus walk...ensure your road ready.

Have rules about opening the windows while bus in motion. And for when they can open the coach door...which should always be double locked with deadbolt while underway.
Frank W.
Woodbridge, VA.

Coach photos & comments: http://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.co...php?albumid=79
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Old 09-13-2015
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Yup. My wife was following in the car one day and she saw our 8 year old hanging halfway out a window to wave at her at 60 mph. She nearly threw up. I had no idea. I was 35 feet forward driving. Definately have a safety talk!!
Martin Sparkes
Agassiz, B.C.
1981 Bluebird Wanderlodge FC
Side Bath
3208NA (for now....)
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