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Toads and Trailers General discussion and For Sale or Wanted Toads general discussion and list your Toads or Trailers and others that you have found For Sale and Wanted and also discussions about them here.

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Old 02-04-2019
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Mike’s on the money, Arizona-style. An open 4x4, flo-thru top off doors off, rigged for rocks, sand, mountains, lakebeds, sunshine, dry conditions. Out west you can ramble way off-road in any direction. Still, a lot of Jeep tow’ds seem to be grocery getters, people haulers, chosen for the transfer case and towing ease more than the off-road capabilities. They probably haven’t left the pavement.

Cherokee is probably the better choice when you have inclement weather to deal with. The 4? liter/4WD is popular where you get a range of conditions requiring off-road power, protection from elements. I’ve been looking at them for a year, and my thought, considering the potential need for repairs when they cross into 6-digit mileage, is to get an older one and rebuild. Jeep used a variety of rear ends, axles, engines. I think a Cherokee with customized bulletproof drivetrain and suspension would be ideal, a $20,000 project that has some cargo space AND a back seat! The web has endless cherokee tech advice.

Then again, an owner of a nice Cherokee will say they’re fine as built. Maybe McGuiness and others will tell us how they hold up as the miles accumulate? I hope so, its a great vehicle.

Originally Posted by rtpn60 View Post
Hey Kip,
yes 4 banger jeeps aren't much fun. I would do some soul searching and figure out what your primary reason for the jeep would be. If it's to carry other humans then just about anything other than an Jeep would be better.

The wife and I went through this and ended up with an old CJ5. I wanted something unique, small, and don't care to carry passengers. It's for a tow'd, will go anywhere, and fun to drive. I looked at Cherokees and off road they are not too bad with leaf suspension in the rear and coil up front. But they are uni-body and all enclosed just like by 4x4 F150 so took the fun out it.

I looked at Grand Cherokees but they have historically been riddled with electrical issues. Check out www.carcomplaints.com and you can search by year, make, model of any vehicle.

Good luck with your search.
Ned Bedinger
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Old 02-04-2019
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Owned a 86 xj wagoneer. Good vehicle never had any real problems with it. 90-96 has obd I,97-01 OBD II. I think late 99s went to coil on plugs. 2000-2001 changed cyl heads and have read about cracking. But I think if you overheat anything but a ford 300 6cyl you risk head damage. Everything I have read leads me toward a 98-99. But I think care and maintenance would trump that.
David and Beth Barrineau
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Old 02-04-2019
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Or you might want to wait for the 2020 truck version.
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Old 02-04-2019
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Spending most of our time E of the Mississippi I really don't get full use out of my TJ. I love driving it around town as long as the weather is nice and I don't need to get anywhere in a hurry. The freeway it's bare transportation and the last time I was out west I needed to almost shut off the A/C to top some hills. I did have a blast on my last off road trip..... Q....4 years ago! A cherokee would be more practical.
2001 XJ if I find one or Grand....if it looks right. All of the 4x4 Grands are OK for towing as long as they have a selectable transfer case?
Kip Henry
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Old 02-04-2019
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Had an awesome 2001 XJ. Great all around and same drivetrain as TJ except leafs in rear.
I paid $2000 for one with 100K and untouched. FL has no rust issues.
They are getting old and hard to find a nice one. The only down side is that the doors are real small and they can be hard to get in and out of. 2-door version solves that problem but they are very rare.

I love my 4x4 Colorado. .. and its a pickup truck. My golf cart fits in the back!
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Old 02-05-2019
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I belong to a facebook group that is all about Full size jeeps for sale. Every once in awhile a nice one pops up.
Dave, Barb,& Dexter Ross
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Old 02-05-2019
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I'll mirror what others have said...the GCs are hot garbage.
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