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Old 12-01-2009
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Default Is that 3208 an N/A? a 210HP? a 250HP? a 300HP???

I am talking with a seller about a 1981 FC35 that has been re-motored by the prior owner.

This owner is unsure, but thinks it is the 300HP 3208.

I am unsure, but I think the 1981 models came non-turbo, and that there are fitment issues when you try to retrofit.

The coach is 2.5 hours away, so I would like to go well-prepared to know what I am seeing.

How do the above-mentioned motors LOOK different from each other, or how else might one ascertain what motor is in there?

Also, the seller states that this bus has the Allison 4-speed. I believe I have read here that the Allison doesn't perform well with the higher-HP 3208s, which is why BB moved over to the ZF?

Any help surely appreciated. And, of course, all other comments welcome.

Esmi Heldo, "Has Been"
(Reformed 87FC owner, now rolling an Alaskan pop-up camper on an F250 7.3)
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Old 12-01-2009
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I believe a 300 horse power 3208 will have a charge air cooler. If this is an FC I doubt there is one unless the front has been extended like Mike Honsteins. You are correct, the Allison in the FC's is rated at 250 HP max. You would need to get the numbers off the engine plate on the valve cover and find out from CAT what the engine is. I doubt you could tell by looking at it.

If you have ever driven an FC much, you could make a pretty good guess by driving it.
Gardner Yeaw
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Old 12-01-2009
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Lift bracket holes are larger on the 300 HP and the 300 HP has a longer oil cooler (+/- 14") not to mention roller tappet camshaft, different main brg caps and many internal changes and upgrades not visible without disassembly.

Read this article below and look at the pictures...

Dick & Patsy Gideon
1999 43 LXI Single Slide Body # F124510
2005 JEEP Liberty Limited CRD (diesel Toad)
SOLD 89 FC in 2012; SOLD 88 WB in 2016
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Old 12-01-2009
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It is most likely a 210HP, if it is a 225 or 250 turbo you should see a hump on the floor coming off the doghouse/engine cover toward the center of the coach. I doubt it to be a 300HP because the Allison could not handle the torque. All 300HP from the factory had the 500HP ZF tranny mated so it ain't no 300HP. That engine was only in the 87 -89FC and all SP36's, except Woody's, he yanked his out for a Cummins.
John McGinnis,
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88FC35 (SOLD)
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