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Service Centers & Mobile Mechanics Good Places To Stop For Repairs And Maintenance, Mobile Mechanics, Or Bad Places To Avoid Too -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please add the names of facilities that you can recommend for service and repairs for a 'Bird, or those places to avoid for the same things. Be sure to give as much information as you can....... NAME OF BUSINESS..... BUSINESS LOCATION..... BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER..... BUSINESS CONTACT PERSON..... YEAR/ MODEL/ENGINE/TRANS OF 'BIRD WORKED ON..... WHAT ARE THEIR HOURLY REPAIR RATES..... SERVICE WAS GOOD, OR BAD..... WHAT KIND OF SERVICE, OR REPAIR WAS DONE..... REASON YOU RECOMMEND, OR AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM..... YOUR NAME..... Here is a tip about how to post your record and comments. First copy the topics above and then open a "New Thread" with the NAME OF THE BUSINESS and/or the TOWN WHERE THE BUSINESS IS LOCATED, then paste what you just copied there and then fill in the information.

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Old 07-07-2015
Ed Wimberley's Avatar
Ed Wimberley Ed Wimberley is offline
95 WB 42
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Location: Perry Georgia
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Well I will be there for a week before the rally full week of the rally and couple days after,yes I will be part of the crowds but I will not be "bad" just hope nobody gets pics LOL 15th year for me

1995 WB 42 Series 60
Perry Georgia
770-548-1441 cell
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Old 07-20-2015
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NealinNevada NealinNevada is offline
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We made it to Rapid City! Any good coach electricians around here? My alternators are trying to over-charge the house batteries. Anyone know a way to disconnect the house batteries from the engine alternators? I've got the solar system, so I don't need to charge them from the engine and then I could fix the problem at home in a few weeks. Any advice would be appreciated!

1994 WB40 and a slow '73 Nova SS
Palomino Valley, NV

Where we are...

Once more I have to ask "What did humans ever do to deserve dogs?"

Map of Service Centers
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Old 07-20-2015
konehd konehd is offline
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IIRC the alternators feed through shunts in the engine compartment. You could take the wires off there... See the charging circuit diagram.

Are you getting the fault light on the dash?

Can you tell which alt is overcharging?

HTH, Joe
Joe & Pat Garner

'93 WB40 'Alligator'
Sedona, AZ
Fun-Fun-Fun Till they take the BlueBird Away!
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