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Service Centers & Mobile Mechanics Good Places To Stop For Repairs And Maintenance, Mobile Mechanics, Or Bad Places To Avoid Too -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please add the names of facilities that you can recommend for service and repairs for a 'Bird, or those places to avoid for the same things. Be sure to give as much information as you can....... NAME OF BUSINESS..... BUSINESS LOCATION..... BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER..... BUSINESS CONTACT PERSON..... YEAR/ MODEL/ENGINE/TRANS OF 'BIRD WORKED ON..... WHAT ARE THEIR HOURLY REPAIR RATES..... SERVICE WAS GOOD, OR BAD..... WHAT KIND OF SERVICE, OR REPAIR WAS DONE..... REASON YOU RECOMMEND, OR AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM..... YOUR NAME..... Here is a tip about how to post your record and comments. First copy the topics above and then open a "New Thread" with the NAME OF THE BUSINESS and/or the TOWN WHERE THE BUSINESS IS LOCATED, then paste what you just copied there and then fill in the information.

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Old 03-25-2019
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Originally Posted by GregOC View Post
Two practice often overlooked by people who are new to class8 driving are parking. And wheel turning.

When I park; before I come to rest ,I run the untire rig forwards and back in a straight line 30 feet, 60 feet, 30 feet. This lines up tread, sidewall, springs, bags, tierod ends, kingpin stress, and bearing push. You will see pro truck drivers do this at truck stops. If not, all thos spring metal and rubber parts maintain memory of the twist and thump or never really get back to a true alignment. On 5th wheel camping trailers it is my theory that poor parking practice is the reason the tires seem to all fail at the same time no matter what the age is, the owner parked wrong with a full payload and damaged the the same night

Steering is the other one. The p steering pump is so strong that it could be used to Do stuff like run a 40 hp fan motor. On hot asphalt, i have seen cement truck drivers rip asphalt while making a stationary turn. I fear the stress they have caused to the tire chords tread and sidewall. I dont turn my front wheel unless I am moving like the good days in my dodge 5 ton bobtal with manual steering
How do you park in tight campgrounds? Good advice, but often isn't at all practical.
I imagine you could unload stresses from parts in a few feet of back and forth. I do that when at all possible.

Shahin! BUMMER! Hang in there.
My old PT had a front wheel bearing failure. It was a rumbling sound with frequency dependent upon speed. It didn't make a difference under braking or acceleration.
It would surprise me if you could leak all the oil from a bearing and not have a failure. I've only experienced bearing failures on boat trailers (2 or 3 total) and the one on the PT. Boat trailers all lost grease first. PT leaked oil out, but not even close to all of it.
Good luck!

Doug W.
Encinitas CA
2004 M380
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