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Old 10-13-2017
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Originally Posted by arcaidy View Post
This seems like a lot of RV for the price. I'm in a spot where I'm looking at Wanderlodge again but need to have room for more than 4 to sleep at times. This will only be a requirement for a few more years. Can you set up a small air mattress in one of these for a temp sleeping spot for a teen? Or is there not enough room??
There is enough room to put up an air mattress for a temporary bed. We've done it without a problem in our coach, with similar set up as this one.

Jim and Michele Walters
'93 WLWB
Bluebird of Happiness
2002 Silverado Diesel 2500 HD 4x4
2003 Harley Ultra Classic
Larwill, IN
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Old 10-13-2017
Camper Dave Camper Dave is offline
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Seller is handling sale for father in law

1) Owner purchased bus 17 years ago
2) New batteries in the last week
3) Tires are 3 years old
4) All fluids changed in last year
5) Stored in barn its entire life
6) will not trade for my 89 FC and dodge diesel just kidding

Please do not make me a two bird owner and get off the fence and buy this one....I am looking at flights next. I will need a class B for this big boy.

Dave Williams
San Diego, CA
89 FC35 Silver Edition
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Old 10-13-2017
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we sleep two on the couch (it folds out)
DuWayne & Shannon Murdock
Cedar Park, Texas
1995 BMC37
1984 FC35RB Sold
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Old 10-14-2017
arcaidy arcaidy is offline
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I will reach out to the seller. I'd have to take a flight as well.
Anyone nearby that is familiar with these that could inspect it? If it got to the point of me flying out there I'd probably want that before or during my visit.
James Coffey
Powder Springs, GA
1983 PT35
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Old 10-15-2017
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Went to look at this BMC40 yesterday
Myself my wife and my friend of 38 years a master gunsmith. For the uninitiated master gunsmiths are masters of several trades and have a keen eye for detail,we went over the coach for 3 hours. We missed several items but all in all we got a good eyeball Her
I had good helpers and we have tons of photos
My friend has opted out of this one so here we go
Owner offered to sell for $44,000
She is in very good condition generally speaking
Not perfect nor is she a garage queen
Bay doors are in very good condition with a few rubber seal issues, need a little glue
Only one keyed door that works is the panel under drivers window, library action my fix this, We could not open rear side engine covers on either side so the condition of that part of Engine is unknown
Tires are Michelin pilot said to be 3 years old
Date codes must be on the inside could not find them on the outside and I wasn't letting my crew get under the coach, the appear to be is good condition but until the dates are verified I don't know
Some minor tree limb damage to the road side molding on the transition from curved roof to sides the accompanying scratches on the side. Eternal kitchen area and bedroom highlighted by the wax they did not remove after detailing
Window look good but for some reason we never opened any of them. My bad
Nor did we open any awnings again My bad
Fuel tank cover road side open and locked as I said the keys only worked on the little access panel under drivers window
Front paint in exceptionally good condition
I get the feeling too good
It has wiper blades that need adjusting and the windshield wash hoses are missing
I did not turn them on so condition is unknown
Generator sides in and out with no issues
My friend did the roof
No obvious problems or damage
The bathroom roof vent lad some sort of sealer around it keeping it from opening and we discovered and issue after looking over the photos latter last night that there is a problem inside around the vent
The ceiling panel was hanging down and the material covering it was wrinkled
Laurance and I did not see this when we were checking out why the vent did not function, and here's why, my wife got into the coach before any of us, she started snapping copious amounts of photos gotta love that iPad with the owner on her heals
L and I got to this about and hour latter
The roof panel and covering looked fine
Latter that night looking at the photos what the heck is that???? L that was like that when we looked. Obviously the owner pushed everything back up and tucked in the cover before L and I got into the interior inspection. First red flag!
Back to the exterior
The paint is generally very good with just minor bubbling in a few spots and some roughness orange peel bumps in a two X two area between curb side front windows
I'm very conservative paint 8 1/4 out of 10. Windshield no apparent chips or cracks. Wiper blades need to be replaced and re-adjusted.
Inside the bays are generally messy and unclean water compartment has sewer hose and general area of fresh water inlet and fill not sanitary dirty filter appears to be clean for the water tank but would need changing next bay full of gloves garbage rubber cover for electric connections ripped connections appear to be clean no corrosion no burning that was noticeable
There is a spare tire did not check condition I would consider it unusable 30 amp 50 amp electric cables included
They was inverter charger above electrical connections charter appears to be in good condition but the bay is messy gloves and garbage and sewage connectors just generally speaking untidy
Propane tank quarter full appeared to be in good condition the bay has fire a killer killer and some other stuff in it coil looks good has an air tank in a pump that I'm not familiar with. Generator slide out functions correctly moving onto the generator. The generator started after preheat no apparent problems starting. Generator has leakage from around the head seal three cylinder Isuzu diesel paint off nuts on feed lines to injectors apparently it's been worked on. Generally there is oil down the side of the engine roadside with oil pooling in bottom of slide tray it's messy but not exceptionally bad. 1315 generator hours power tech 12.5 kW . After 15 minutes approximately generator stopped running. Owner said due to low fuel in tank. After several minutes restarted generator restarted generator ran well ran well for 10 minutes stopped again. We restarted generator several times she would run for several minutes and quit. Apparently there is a problem. Muffler looks in good condition with no corrosion evident. Curbside bays all doors Function properly. Owner states for new 4D batteries interstate. Apparently charger is not set correctly batteries have boiled over. Battery cables are built for six batteries the leads are not covered or taped over leaving them to flop about and possibly arc on metal surfaces. Not a good installation.
I did not remove cover curbside tanks on rear bay.
Docking lights to wear docking lights nonfunctioning hazard lights function momentarily then stop then re-initiate then stay lit left rear turn signal lamps out Land skin dishes except a bowl plastic not cracked slightly hazy as well as headlights are slightly hazy unknown your fog lights function. Problem with headlight switch depressed no headlights switch fell inside of Consol nonfunctioning, spotlight nonfunctioning,condition of clearance lights unknown too bright to actually see them. It was a cloud free sunny day in Texas. Some slight fiberglass damage above and below right side taillight the paint was applied but not very well. All in all I'd give the outside 85% have to remember she's 20 years old maybe a little bit more real attractive coach honestly it's probably in better shape paint wise then my coach.
Safety note do not put your hands inside of engine compartment with an amateur owner inside the coach.
The Engine compartment was warm noting that the owner had started her up and run her before we got there how well she starts from cold is unknown.
Generally speaking the interior of the coache is in nice condition The sofa has a few rips but not terribly bad.no apparent water leaks except for in the rear bedroom closet backwall closet adjustable rail for shelves corroded. The coach did have an usual odor unknown source perhaps cleaning chemicals coach has copious amount of closets and drawers and cabinets making her ideal for a full timer. Kitchen nice L-shaped kitchen large dramatic or 7030 type refrigerator not functioning at the time unknown if it functions controls do light up weren't there long enough to test it to see if it is functional. Stove lights but does not stay lit quarter tank of propane microwave convection oven appears to function carousel turns no water in tanks function of plumbing unknown. All three air-conditioners blueberry call there while the generator was running kitchen tile only one small crack amazing! Carpet appeared mostly clean large throw rug in the living room area we did not check underneath of it there's a large easy chair nine bluebird. Captains chairs are in good condition electric seats function passenger seat while testing through the breaker reset breaker function properly. Has a satellite system function unknown currently not activated. All shades appear to function properly and are in good condition. For some strange reason and in hindsight we never check the function of opening and closing of the windows. After letting the engine idle for 35 or 40 minutes check engine light came on temperature within acceptable range unknown condition. Inverter worked but started to malfunction after a few hours. Malfunction consisted of not being able to turn off inverters unless the generator was running a known problem. HWH Jack's did not function but airbag dump was not activated owner did not understand sequence of operation. The control pad is different in my coach and I think in the proper sequence the jacks will function and the airbags will deflate.. While running the airbags inflated. Electroluminescent dashboard nonfunctional. On an up note the automatic generator start works perfectly. I really need to get that working on my coach I like that!
Generally speaking I think his coaches 80 to 85% condition the interior is not worn out and in my opinion a very nice layout it does have a splendid washer but it's the convection dry model which functions poorly at best we did not activate or try The machine so function is not known.
I think this coach would be perfect for a first timer or a full timer the price is 44,000 the owner said he would correct most of the things that we discussed and we thought were not functional. Personally I'm not sure I would like this guy to do anymore work on the coach.
Second red flag
We requested to drive the coach the owner said yes that's not a problem if you're going to buy the coach. We explained that without driving the coach it was not possible to ascertain whether we would purchase it or not. This is unusual he stated the last person to look at the coach. Wasted his time and that unless we were going to purchase it today he was not going to take the time to let us drive it you can take that for what it's worth personally I find that unusual. You can take that for what it's worth and general sitting in the driveway it's not a bad deal how well she drives and what other issues there are unknown. She's good enough to buy at 44,000 you're going to have to buy new batteries going to have to make sure that the inverter charger works correctly the check engine light and when the fluids been changed or unknown she started I did not to check the air brakes they were on I never took them off we did what we could in the time we had.
If you have questions post them I've missed several items but I can answer specific questions
Fire Away!
Kurt Horvath
95 PT 42
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Old 10-15-2017
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What an inspection job Kurt! That was a kind and generous contribution to all prospective owners...thanks!

1994 WB40 and a slow '73 Nova SS
Palomino Valley, NV

Where we are...

Once more I have to ask "What did humans ever do to deserve dogs?"

Map of Service Centers
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Old 10-15-2017
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"I'm not a smart man!" If this is a BMC, why does the CL ad list it as a WANDERLODGE?
Elliot Harris

95 WLWB 40' SOLD!


Lake Delton, Wisconsin

FMCA #F27720
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Old 10-16-2017
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Originally Posted by catshreds View Post
"I'm not a smart man!" If this is a BMC, why does the CL ad list it as a WANDERLODGE?
Craigslisting has several errors

It is a BMC 40'

Great first coach or a full timer coach

I have no financial interest in this coach

Any positive questions about this coach?
Kurt Horvath
95 PT 42
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Old 10-16-2017
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Thanks Kurt,great report.
The BMC 40 is a great coach,$44k sounds like a great price too.
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Archer Fl.

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