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Old 07-31-2009
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Default Staying in touch when there is no cell phone reception

We have been traveling in and out of cell phone reception for 2 months now and have been keeping in touch with our friends and family with the SPOT satellite GPS messenger. http://www.findmespot.com/en/

This is a personal GPS sender similar to the EPIRB beacons used by boats but with more versatility. It was designed for hikers and anyone who may find themselves out of cell phone range. The unit can send 3 different messages to either your friends' and family's cell phones or email addresses.

1) "check ok" says you are ok but probably out of cell phone reach and gives your precise gps coordinates with a hotlink to Google maps so that they can see exactly where you are.

2) "Help" is used to send chosen recipients the message that you are in need of assistance but it is not life threatening. Your exact location is also included in the message like above. I set this one up to reach 3 of our good friends and they know to coordinate efforts to contact someone in that area that can find us and see what we need. I would imagine using this on some deserted road if we had engine trouble, flat tire etc.

3) "911” this message goes directly to emergency response teams in the area along with information about your party that you think might be helpful. I programmed in a description of the people and pets in our group, our medical condition and medications being used.

We have been hitting #1 "check ok" whenever we change campsites or if we are in a particularly interesting place. Our friends have been having a blast watching our progress and we don't have to keep calling everyone. We take it with us when we go hiking too. There are even more things that can be done on the website like sharing tracks, stories and photos. It is easy to use and I strongly recommend checking it out.
Allen & Conny
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Old 07-31-2009
Rick Davis Rick Davis is offline
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So cool! I'm gonna get one, and may even be able to have my son use it when he's doing his solo mountain treks at remote places. Thanks.
Rick & Marilyn Davis
Loudon, TN
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Old 07-31-2009
fxdwg fxdwg is offline
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Don't spread the word about those too much. Next thing you know we'll be seeing twitters with GPS- "I'm in the kitchen getting a sandwich." or "I'm in the bathroom with the new wallpaper." or some such stupid stuff and they'll have coordinates!!!
96 WTOS 42'

don't waste your time with a usa-spec ipod adapter- poor products with poor support
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Old 07-31-2009
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Here's an e-mail from a friend of mine. He probably wouldn't mind my identifying him, but since I haven't asked I put **** for his wife's name:
I was in the middle of Nevada about 25 miles SW of Austin in an area where
the phone don't work. My powered parachute engine died, I suspect I got
some water in the gas somehow because it acted like it was running out of
gas then died with the tank half full. The gas that was in the plane was a
month old when we were getting ready to leave WA so I drained it and bought
new gas on the way south near sea level. I put it in the PPC at 6000 feet?
It is not a problem to land these things with no power, just pick a spot you
can glide to and land. I landed and was rolling to a stop when I hit a
little bump and my foot came off of the rudder bar touching the ground, it
stopped and the machine and I rolled a few feet more. So there I was with a
badly broken leg, phone don't work, miles form any regularly traveled roads.
Broke both bones in lower leg but no bones sticking out of the skin, foot
sticking off at an odd angle and hurting but otherwise OK. **** was back at
the bus about 6 miles away and I could see a ranch about 5 miles away,
whoopee! I had just purchased a device called Spot
http://www.findmespot.com/Home.aspx and this was my first flight with it.
It is a thing that works off of satellites and has many functions one of
them is a button for 911. I activated it and waited 2 hours and a fellow
drives across a dry lake and through some sage brush right to me and takes
me to our camp and then **** took me to a hospital in Fallon NV, got
released Tuesday. The guy that found me is from Austin and I had met him a
couple years ago at the Austin airport where he has 2 planes, has been the
mayor and a judge there. A REAL nice guy. The 911 center contacted the
sheriff's office, they have deputy in Austin but it was his day off and he
was gone somewhere and the lady that drives the ambulance was gone somewhere
too so they called Joe Dory. After I was on my way to the hospital he went
back and retrieved my flying machine, brought it to the bus and secured it.
Joe would not take any compensation for the 75+ miles he drove but you can
bet I will buy him the biggest steak in town when I get the chance. Broke
leg at about 10:am was in surgery about 8m
Don Bradner
Current: No RV at this time
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Prior: 2004 M380 Double Slide
Prior: 1990 WB40 "Blue Thunder"
My location: www.bbirdmaps.com/user2.cfm?user=1
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