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Old 09-14-2018
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Originally Posted by patticake View Post
Have you physically felt around the over flow pipe/hose where it comes out of the tank? Or, the other possibility is that the tank itself is leaking somewhere on or near it's top side.
I'm thinking kind of like Steve is. How is it you know the tank doesn't leak? Have you emptied the tank completely and removed it? If not you don't have a clue if it is leaking or not. Water flow is tricky. It starts wherever, then runs along the path of least resistance. Then when it hits something to slow or stop it you will notice it. That may be a few inches or it may be a few feet. The reason the water is visible underneath the coach is most likely that it puddles around those hose exits and finally drips down. I would start with removing the water tank and inspect it thoroughly. Over years of time these tanks get stress cracks in them pretty easily. I always try to travel with either a full tank or an empty one. A half full tank will stress the tank pretty good from all of the sloshing around, while traveling. There have been a lot of coaches, newer than yours that have had cracked tanks.

Jim and Michele Walters
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Old 09-14-2018
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How about a cracked pressure restriction/fill port? If not that the air purge valve. I've had issues with both those items and they would soak the bedroom carpet.
Rick Shawver
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Old 09-14-2018
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All my water piping is on the interior of the bus, except the chassis heaters I believe. I assume you have an island bed with the fresh water tank under the bed? My fill goes from the outside hookup straight through under the bed to the sporlan valves to the tank then to the pump etc. There is a "box" that unscrews to access it, if I remember correctly in mine there was a speaker, but I removed it a few years ago. The screws will be hidden in the carpet.

Is maybe the overflow pipe broken, or plugged?
Matt & Jennifer White
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Old 09-15-2018
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My coach is not the same but I don't think your theory that those pipes under the coach you pictured have anything to do with the fresh water system on your coach. As stated in previous post once the city water enters the hook-up bib it is routed and remains entirely within the coach-other than a water spigot that is in BBQ bay.

Those two pipes you pictured may have something to do with the chassis heat system or maybe a loop to heat the water in the hot water tank when engine running. Obviously this water leakage is not engine coolant from what you described. Is there a heater core near where the pipes come up through he floor.
Ed Allison
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Old 09-15-2018
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Think guys, he says it only leaks when the tank is full. Those two lines that is shown in the picture is the rear chassis heater.
Steve Gureasko
90WBWL40 "Jus Chillin"
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