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Travel Tips - Fuel Prices Everyone has travel tips. Share and discuss yours here with the rest of the group.

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Old 04-02-2018
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I use the Good Sams campground app while traveling. It's good for pulling up a map of local campgrounds and info on them also.
Kip Henry
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88 WB40 2010/14
Brooks, GA
Kip Cindy & Cody
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Old 04-03-2018
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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
I never considered having a computer tell me what to do on a vacation!

I just drive along on the back roads and i stop when i see a junkyard,a river,a pawn shop or just about anything.
The people i travel with never complain,so it must be OK?
I'm so jealous. Marion wants to know how long we are driving each day, when we are going to stop, and where. Kinda kills the "Wander" aspect. And after 23 years of having to plan every route with included point crossing times, I do know how to do it.

I do like/use the RV Trip Wizard to plan the trip. I like how you can put range circles on the map from each point based on mileage or estimated drive time. Makes it easy to figure if there is a rest area/walmart/etc at the end of the day without to much searching.

The total trip cost thing I pretty much ignore, it scares me and I would rather not think about the fuel cost. But if you're doing a cross country, the Re-Fuel marker is handy since then you can jump over to Gas Buddy and see if it is smarter to refuel at half a tank two States back, or go for max range then just pay the price where you're at.

I have, but don't use a Rand McNally RV GPS. It has horrible GPS reception and always fails at that point in the trip that you actually are making turns on back roads - 5 hours on a highway it works great = worthless GPS.

So, now I use an app on my phone called Smart RV Route. It uses real time data that they gather from the users and the Truck Route users to show traffic flow/weather/detours on the map. It takes in account rig size/weight/hazmat for routing as well. So far it has never told me to "make a U-Turn when possible" like the POS Rand McNally RV GPS does multiple times on a trip.

Another good app to have is State Lines.
State Lines tracks over 55 pieces of travel relevant information for each of the 50 states; including cell phone & texting bans, seat belt & child safety seats, state sales tax exemptions, gas/diesel taxes, bottle deposits, time zones, towing & RV specific laws, rest area overnight parking limits, state park camping entrance fees, default speed limits, radar detectors, highway emergency #s, alcohol sales laws & taxes, smoking bans, open container laws, pet leash laws, bicycle helmet laws, motorcycle laws (helmet, lights, eye protection & lane sharing), left turns on red, u-turns, keep right and more.
Like many others I too love the WAZE app, but since it is made for cars, it can get you into places that we shouldn't be. About every 2-3 months I send WAZE a request to add a Truck/RV mode to their product and it is in their patch stack. Just don't know when/if we'll ever see it - currently it is not planned.
Marion & Bruce Griffin
Dothan, AL
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"Going Galt"
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Old 04-03-2018
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Sometimes too much info is just overkill. We use our Dezl Garmin for routing. For places to stay RVparkreviews is great. Google maps is alright but the routings are not big rig friendly. For free overnights I pay for that overnightrvparking.com website and app. It shows all the Walmarts that do and on not offer overnight parking. Gives you the location, lat , lon and directions. Lots of other free sites.
1988 FC 35
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Old 04-03-2018
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I use a MAP.
You can swat flies with it,use t as a dust pan,start camp fires etc with it!
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Archer Fl.

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Old 04-03-2018
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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
I use a MAP.
You can swat flies with it,use t as a dust pan,start camp fires etc with it!
How is it we survived with just a map, a house phone on the wall, party lines with just 4 numbers or a "Hey Sarah, get me Gubber at the filling station", no GPS, no Facebook, no phone cameras, etc.etc. I know everything is progress and progress generally is good, but some progress is too much. Man do I long for the good old days of yesteryear. Life was good

Jim and Michele Walters
'93 WLWB
Bluebird of Happiness
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2003 Harley Ultra Classic
Larwill, IN
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