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Old 11-11-2008
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Smile 12 Volt Wire Nuts?

My Pressure Pros work pretty well but I occasionally lose a tire so I am planning to get a repeater antenna that can be placed inside the coach in the back somewhere to extend the signal. It is wireless but needs to be hooked up to a 12 volt circuit. It would be nice if I just had one of those nice 12 volt sockets back there, but I do not, so I will have to go into one of the circuits powering the 12 volt lights. Can you go into one of those and hook another line in with wire nuts like you do 110 volts, or is there another way that should be done. I guess I could use those press on connectors like they use to hook into automotive tail light wires that cut through them to make a connection, but I have never been impressed with the contact those things make.


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Old 11-11-2008
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Lee in my rear closet there is a small enclosure up high. This enclosure held the back up camera and had a small 12V fan to defog the camera lens. When I put in a new camera this fan became redundant so I used it's power for the PressurePro amplifier. The amplifier is housed in the old camera enclosure and the original dash switch marked "Camera Defog" now serves to turn the amp on and off. I would want a way to turn it off when I'm parked so I suggest that you use a switch which ever way you install it.
Rob Robinson
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Old 11-11-2008
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The press-on connectors work -- but are sometimes a problem later on. I don't know (exactly) how the BMC is laid out, but my coach has a power distribution center in the street side of the rear closet. You'll find plenty of ground and hot connections there. (Be sure to put a fuse on the circuit, rated slightly higher than the normal draw for the device.) You can even get a "lighter socket" from an auto parts store, if the device is wired up with that type of plug. (I've done that for my SMI break receiver and for my GPS unit up front.)

Unlike the '94, my '95 does not have a defog fan...

Pete Masterson
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Old 11-11-2008
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Wire nuts will work just fine, and if properly used the IDC (insulation displacement connectors) will too.
One thing I learned is that wire nuts do not meet the code for use in a motorhome or boat, thats why BB used crimps on all the AC connections.
When I get ambitious I'll go replace all the wire nuts I used the last few months :}
The idea of using the defrost fan is a good one, if you dont have a fan you could probably use the camera power without trouble. I doubt the repeater uses much power... YMMV!

HTH, Joe
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Old 11-12-2008
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Just solder it, a little heat shrink tubing and you're good to go!!!
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Old 11-12-2008
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If you wire nuts use the right type. They are color coded by wire size. Make sure you screw them all the way tight. The mistake lots of people make is screw them on a couple of turns. They will screw down tight like a nut on a bolt
Rob Davis
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