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Under The Awning Here is where you can carry on a conversation, just like............well, like you were sitting under your awning at the campsite.

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Old 09-23-2014
BeeBee BeeBee is offline
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Love the square groupers.
Your stories reminded me of when I moved as a kid, 15 years old from Toronto, Canada to South Texas in 1971.
I had been a city kid taking the subway to school in a city of a couple million when we moved to South Padre Island population 77. This was before it became developed, mostly weathered beach cottages and nothing then was over 2 stories.
We used to have to wait for the swing bridge on the Port Isabel side to open and close to let the shrimp boats pass to get to school.
I remember or heard that bales would sometimes wash in from the gulf and be found on the beach. They called them 'Seaweed' and they weren't any good to smoke, supposedly, because they had been immersed in salt water. Some people did though and it was common to ask if someone had a bad cough, have you been smoking that Seaweed stuff?
Jennifer & Darrell Snell
Palm Harbor, FL
2000 LXi ME
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Old 09-23-2014
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Randy, I could not stop laughing at your first entry. You are something else, besides being a grand story teller. . I imagine you turned your mother's hair white too soon and had your father pulling his out!

Lessie typing
Ole man Ed doing yardwork
Ed and Lessie Hanska
Out Fulltiming
1990 WB40 'Roundtuit'
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Old 09-23-2014
spottrouble spottrouble is offline
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Hey I had a "Save the Bales" T-shirt, got it in Port Aransas in the 70's, my friends and I were always cruising the beach looking for bales, never did find any. The 70's sure were fun, you sure could get away with a lot of stuff back then, more than a few times the cops just laughed at us and left, of course a few times they first asked "are you Louis's kid?", then they laughed and left, it was not so funny when I got home.

I guess it was about '74-'75, we were still using bicycles for transportation, friends set up a bike ramp at the bottom of a steep street, most of us were just going about half way up the hill for our run at the ramp. New kid shows up and and decides he is going to the top of the hill, it was a spectacular run, he is pedaling and building speed the whole way down the hill, hits the ramp and launches, he went high, he went far, then he completely wadded it up into the pavement. We ride over to him laughing, until he stood up and we saw the bone sticking out of his arm, he took one look at his arm and started screaming and running down the street crying and headed for home. We learned a lesson about meditation that day, his mom was a paisely dress wearing hippy that decided she could meditate his arm back into place, after about half an hour of that it was pretty obvious to us that it was not working so another friend went and got his mom and she took the kid to the hospital.

I've got some good stories, not sure I'll ever put them in print though, especially on the internet. If we are ever sitting around a campfire ask me about my first job out of college repo-ing stolen drug running airplanes out of Mexico
San Marcos, Tx
1985 PT40 6V92 Half Dead Bird
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Old 09-23-2014
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Originally Posted by EHanska View Post
Randy, I could not stop laughing at your first entry. You are something else, besides being a grand story teller. . I imagine you turned your mother's hair white too soon and had your father pulling his out!

Lessie typing
Ole man Ed doing yardwork
My mom never could figure out why i was not in jail,but i have never been there except as a cub scout.
We got a tour of the jail as a cub scout,maybe 2nd grade?

My dad and i got along fine,he used to hang out at my shop and just watch the daily going on stuff.
He never said much,if anything,just sat and watched the show.

My mom is a 3 day a week churcher,baptist.
Wow,she was sure praying for me i bet.
Maybe she still is?

I used to go hunting with my dad,once or so a year.
It was a good time to bond with him,he was a great hunter,when he died and my uncle Hubert died and their childhood friend died the deer population in Fl tripled.
Theres nobody left to control it,once they passed on.
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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