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Old 02-21-2013
Skling Skling is offline
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Default Front HWH spring replacement

Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for their spring replacement suggestions a week ago and return the favor by describing in a little more detail what I did to replace the front HWH springs on the two front jacks on my coach (1990 wb).

First I jacked up the coach by alternate lifting between the air suspension and jacks along with 10 by 10 timbers to get the front well off the ground. When I got everything high enough I supported the front frame with stacks of 10 by 10's to get everything safe.

Based upon member's advice I then removed the bolts retaining the jacks up inside the housings. These were real tough to loosen up and I actually used a car jack to apply pressure to the wrenches to get them started. I thought I would get enough room to get the new springs over the retaining "pins" but no, there wasn't room to get them on (these are the springs that do not have the eyebolt adjusters on them).

I considered taking off the hydraulic lines and removing the jacks completely but instead I decided to remove the long steel "stabilizer" that extends from jack housing to jack housing. By removing bolts on both sides (but leaving one side attached at just one point) I was able to swing the steel down and gain enough access to hang the springs.

Taking the bolts off to remove that long piece of steel took a fair amount of fussing with just the right open end wrenches to get everything loose. A thin wall 33mm wrench I bought years ago for my Porsche was especially helpful.

After all that, everything went back together quickly and the springs were easily adjusted without shims because of the adjuster bolts on the other side of each jack. Don't forget the Loctite on everything!

Anyway, an interesting experiment. It might have been easier to disconnect the hydraulic lines to get access, but I wanted to avoid any contamination problems or bleeding scenarios on this older coach.

The whole job took about 3 hours due to the "inventing" aspect of it, it would probably take me about an hour to do it now, just FYI.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's kind suggestions and I hope this helps someone else!
Steven Kling
Felton, California
1990 WB
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Old 02-21-2013
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Bill Pape Bill Pape is offline
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Steve, And you still have all your fingers???

replacing jack springs in-place exposes one's tenacity, endurance & stubbornness.
Bill & Patty
1988 FC, Silver Edition
Commerce, Michigan
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Old 02-21-2013
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Default Front HWH spring replacement

too bad you didn't go the extra mile.
I recently rebuilt my jacks because the bottom seals burst, both front ones at the same time.
Once I took the cross member out, then undoing the sensor, and fluid line, I took the eight bolts out and it dropped down easy.
Rebuilding the cylinder was very easy.
Total cost was $60 for seals and loctite.
1972 Boler "Sad Shack"
Birdless but looking!!!!!!!!!!!
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