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Old 06-24-2013
robertcvrsn robertcvrsn is offline
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I'm glad I wasn't going crazy. So when the retarder switch is on, this lever controls the amount of retardedness of the transmission? I haven't found any reference to it in all those manuals and operating instructions.
Robert Severson
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Old 06-24-2013
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Originally Posted by robertcvrsn View Post
this lever controls the amount of retardedness of the transmission?
Finally, a way to control the retardedness of a Wanderlodge Sure wish that I had one of those levers
Jim Doel
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Old 06-24-2013
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My coach has a similar lever. It controls the retardedness of the owner
KC & Emma
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Old 06-24-2013
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To your left you should have a panel that has the retarder on & off switch and a green indicator light. In the on position you should have a green light. In the on position the retarder is activated when you apply the brake pedal. The retarder lever will function only when the switch is in the on position and then you use the lever as feathering your speed to slow down. Always watch your transmission temp gauge, never allowing it to reach the red position. I feather my coach speed with the lever going down a long hill trying to keep the temp gauge in the mid yellow range of the gauge, if it gets into the red, I back off the lever and use the mechanical brakes more plus I turn on the Horton fan override to help slow the bird down. I hope this helps, practice helps improve your retarder expierence, using it correctly can be extrremely beneficial saving wear & tear on your mechancal brakes.

You may also have a window sticker that warns against the use of the retarder during wet driving conditions.
John McGinnis,
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