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How To Protect Your RV Investment. This forum is set up to discuss insurance needs, terminology & where to go to get the best possible coverage for your needs. From time to time we will discuss the issues and differences in insurance coverage. When would an appraisal be in your best interest & how often should you have an appraisal and where one could obtain a certified appraisal.

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Old 08-06-2016
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Originally Posted by biobug View Post
We don't have sales tax in Oregon. The main advantage is after a Motorhome is over 10 years old the plates are permanent.
Forming an LLC in any state should not be for tax avoidance issues. You could be asking for trouble. Smart people do it for liability shielding, that was the initial intent of an LLC Plus if you form an LLC you should be an officer in the corporation with legal rights to buy, sell or transfer assets. Always have a copy of the articles of incorporation identifying the officers and their legal rights & responsibilities. When selling a vehicle in the LLC the officer should sign the title as the officer, and present a copy of the articles to the titling agency. There should be no difference then selling a vehicle of a decedent as an executor, you have to sign on behalf of the estate and provide legal documentation as to your legal responsibility and authority to sell. We too have an LLC and do like the lifetime tags, but always remember there are 50 states with 50 different opinions or sets of laws. Know what you are responsible for before you jump into it. I just have to be out of my state on March 1, tax day for personal property.
Also there are several insurance companies that insure vehicles in an LLC shop around, they are out there.
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