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MeWe Wanderlodge-SOCIAL Check out WOG's official social media site on MeWe - a 'privacy' focused ad free social media platform.

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Old 12-27-2018
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Default MeWe FAQs

FAQS : MeWe Wanderlodge-SOCIAL

1. Why did WOG do this?
A. To provide the Wanderlodge owners community with a WOG affiliated social media environment that is complimentary to the WOG technical forum.

2. Why MeWe?
A. MeWe is a ad free social media platform that puts its users data privacy first.

3. Why not WOG FB (Facebook)
A. The existing WOG FB group was not created by WOG.

4. Why not create another WOG group on FB?
A. There is a strong negative perspective of FB by many WOG users who want an environment that places more value on user data privacy. MeWe seems to be a good fit.

5. What if MeWe shuts-down or gets acquired?
A. Given there is a growing ‘privacy first’ trend in the social media world, we believe that MeWe is in the right place at the right time. However, we recognize the online world is constantly changing with variables and drivers that are hard to predict. If MeWe does cease to operate or there is a change in ownership - Wanderlodge-SOCIAL will evaluate other platforms at that time. Since Wanderlodge-SOCIAL is not meant to be a technical repository of information, we do not believe the impact of a MeWe shutdown would have a lasting effect.

To be clear - if MeWe ceases to operate or Wanderlodge-SOCIAL fails due to technical or other reasons, Wanderlodge-SOCIAL will assess other platform options, however - Facebook will not be one of those options.

6. Is 8GB of free storage per user account enough?
A. 8GB of storage allows approximately (3) pictures of 3MB each to be uploaded every day for approximately 2 years. While that might be too little for some, we believe it’s plenty for most.

7. What happens when I exceed the 8GB of storage?
A. You can purchase more storage. If you decide not to, the oldest pictures will be aged out (deleted). It’s for this reason that we highly recommend that MeWe storage NOT be treated as permanent storage.

8. What is the purpose of the Wanderlodge SOS group?
A. It serves as an easy communications channel to WOG for the dire emergency situation. In those situations, it provides a quick way to upload pictures and near real-time communications with the support group. The goal is to move the discussion to WOG when timing is appropriate - as this is where the bulk of the troubleshooting knowledge resides.

9. Why is WOG membership required to be a member of Wanderlodge SOS group?
A. It makes the migration of the SOS discussion to WOG easy since the member will already have a WOG account.

10. What other benefits does Wanderlodge-SOCIAL bring to the WOG community.
A. MeWe acts as a ‘life boat’ when WOG is off-line for scheduled maintenance or in those unfortunate times when WOG is offline for other reasons. During those times, WOG can utilize MeWe to keep users informed and continue to be available to those that need assistance.

11. Why is key WOG reference material for individual coaches not loaded on Wanderlodge-SOCIAL?
A. Wanderlodge-SOCIAL is not intended to be a technical data repository for Wanderlodge coaches - WOG provides that functionality.

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