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PT & WB (Twin Axle Pusher Unique Issues) If you have a unique issue with your PT or WB model coach and it can't be answered in one of the other forums here, then this is where you can list it....list your PT Parts here too.

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Old 08-26-2011
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Default Carrying capacity of WB

Can anyone tell me roughly what the load carrying capacity of a WB would be with full water and fuel.

1972 Boler "Sad Shack"
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Old 08-26-2011
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The silence you observe is because the only answer is, you'll know when you weigh the coach. Each bird has so much custom stuff that the load capacity varies widely from one coach to the next.

There should be a GVWR tag somewhere in the coach (location varies by model) that will tell you the total weight and axle by axle limit.

Then a trip to a scale will let you know how much capacity you'll have ... and where it is located. (The fuel and water tanks tend to add most of their weight to the drive/tag axle, but since they're in front of the axles* on some coaches, they do put some weight on the steer axle. Due to the leverage involved, the weight and distance from each axle plays a role.

*come to think of it, the water tanks in pre-95 coaches were under the bed, thus behind the drive axle.

Most well equipped Wanderlodges have a "cargo and passenger capacity" of ~1000 lbs with full fuel and water tanks. Front (steer) axles tend to be easiest to overload, so heavy stuff should go toward the rear or be stored behind the drive axle.

When weighing a coach, if you're getting side to side weights, avoid making sharp turns just before weighing ... the air suspension can 'load up' and give erroneous weights. For example, one weight I got (after turning 90 degrees into the shop garage) had my LEFT side of the drive axle 7000 lbs heavier than the other side. BUT, the RIGHT tag axle showed that IT was 7000 lbs heavier than the other side. (Unfortunately, the shop didn't notice that the two axles were showing the OPPOSITE sides as heavy, and I was very concerned by the side to side variation (assuming that the weights were high on the SAME side). Note: They wrote down what the scales said ... but when they were discussing the results with me, the didn't catch the weirdness that axles less than 36 inches apart were carrying widely different weights.

A re-weigh by another shop showed that the side to side variation was less than 500 lbs. The first weighing was more or less accurate, in total, just the side to side variation was bogus. (After all, the weight was "there" it just was an artifact of the air bags being loaded up on one side and not the other that caused the variation.)

When we were loaded for the road, the coach weighed about 48,000 lbs leaving a few hundred lbs (600-700) before anything would be overweight, based on the axle loadings and the GVWR.

Pete Masterson
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Old 08-26-2011
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My GVWR is for 42k.
We are at 40k with a recent scale weigh.
Bob Lawrence
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