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Old 08-07-2019
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Default A little more clarity

Hi Nicole, my husband and I went to OH a couple of weeks ago to tour your Grandfather’s Wanderlodge. He also talked about how amazing your Alaska trip was. Finding the Bluebird in FL was, in his words, perfect, since it had the bunk room; you slept in the sofa bed and everyone else slept in the bunks. Your grandfather was refreshingly honest about the coach; what was wrong, what was right and what he wasn’t sure about. He did a thorough run through of the current state of the coach. He and my husband both agreed, while looking at the engine, that they knew very little about it. We never doubted what your Grandfather said about the coach, but getting additional information about the history of the coach before your grandfather owned it was important to us. This forum seemed like the best place to go to pick the brains of long-term Blue Bird owners and aficionados. Up until three months ago, the only thing my husband and I knew about Blue Bird is that they make school buses. We’re learning quickly that Birds are complicated beasts! Ha! This is a HUGE investment for us; the most inexpensive Blue Bird’s are about half the price of our house! We had a certified mechanic look at it. We got his inspection report back and will be going through it in the next few days. We will then get in touch with your grandfather. I understand and admire your need to defend him. Best, Lisa
Lisa Stoner
Indianapolis, IN.
Bluebird shopping
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Old 08-07-2019
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Originally Posted by nicoledmax7 View Post
Hello all,
Reading through the thread I thought I would express my own thoughts. My grandfather purchased this Bluebird in 2016 as at the time his health was declining and wanted to go on one more big family trip with his brothers and I to the one state (Alaska) he had yet to see. Prior to the trip the many issues you are discussing were fixed with a couple small trips to a shop in Michigan.We had heat to keep us warm on the cold Canadian nights and the brakes and airbags worked extremely well for the coach had to be safe for the amount of mountains and rough roads we traveled. We made it to and from Alaska without any issues. Also might I add it survived the trip from Florida to Ohio. The bunk beds came with the coach when he purchased it and he decided to leave them for the amount of people who attended this trip. The trip was not miserable instead it was one of the most breathtaking experiences I got to experience with the most important person in my life. Although he is not a bluebird expert and had little knowledge about them prior to the purchase he learned as he went and fixed any known issues. The bus did its job for what we needed it to do. He can tell you everything he knows and everything he did to the bus to fix any of the issues he was aware of. Also he has an entire box full of everything ever done to the bus and all of the information from prior owners. The bus may not be for everyone but it sure gave me some amazing memories and I myself will be sad to see it go one day. Instead of seeking false information on the internet you might want to contact the person who actually owns it for information and or a mechanic who has experience with Bluebirds. Have a good day.
First let me say we are all sorry for your grandfather's health. I love that you and others got to spend some quality time with him and glad you enjoyed the trip. I also wasn’t going to address this post, but feel like I need to help defend Ed and Lisa somewhat. Upon reading Lisa’s post it seems she felt the need to defend their actions, also.

I hope I am wrong but I detected a note of concern that maybe someone offended you talking about your grandfather's bus and you took exception when you stated, "Instead of seeking false information on the internet you might want to contact the person who actually owns it for information and or a mechanic who has experience with Bluebirds." I don't know who was seeking false information on the internet. Ed inquired if anyone happened to " recognize it or know any of its history?" That is all any of us did. I hope you weren’t suggesting it was our job to "contact the person who actually owns it". That would and should have been Ed's responsibility, which he did. I believe Ed actually did the appropriate thing in posting his inquiry here on WOG. That is one of the reasons we are here. Many times a member here knows a lot of information on a particular bus and is not afraid to share his knowledge with a potential buyer. As far as your statement concerning "contact....... a mechanic who has experience with Bluebirds" I will give you a pass on that one. You clearly have no concept as to the wealth of knowledge and experience of many of the people on this forum. I am not speaking of myself by the way. But their are people very experienced on this forum because, some have worked at the factory, some have their own repair shops or worked in one at some point in time. Also, there are those that invented, produced, and sold products to Bluebird for the manufacture of these buses. Let us not forget, the untold number of engineers and experts in many areas of what makes these buses tick on this forum that share their knowledge and skills. Finally we even have people that manufacture parts that keep these magnificent machines rolling down the road, because these parts are no longer available anywhere at any price.

In conclusion, let me say this. I have knowledge of mechanics that have had a Wanderlodge sitting in their shop and they were at a loss on what to do to fix an issue. Do you know where they called to figure out what they need to do to fix one of these buses? Yes, they call Randy the forum owner. He gives them the answers they need or finds someone that can. So , I suggest that nothing inappropriate occurred when Ed asked a simple question. If nothing else, restraint was used in discussing this bus and in no way was there any misrepresentation concerning this bus. As I originally stated I hope I am wrong in what I believe was the purpose of your post. If I am I apologize in advance. If I am not, I hope my post clarified some things for you. My best to you and your family. Please don’t hold any animus towards Ed and Lisa. They did the right thing. Something almost all buyers and forum members have done in the past.

Jim and Michele Walters
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'93 WLWB (Sold)
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