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Buying a Wanderlodge, a Bluebird or any RV Ready to take the plunge or looking to upgrade and you have questions? Folks are standing by ready to help.

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Old 07-08-2009
janaquilts janaquilts is offline
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Default Newbies, wannabes and questions

I have been browing your forum for a while, but just registered.

Dan Weaver suggested I post here some of the questions that I sent to him directly. This is such a big purchase, so all input is welcome. So here they are:

Mike and I are still looking, debating, plotting and schemeing on which motorhome to get. There is a 2000 40' WB Wanderlodge here at the dealer -- as neither Mike or I have ever purchased a motorhome we have a few questions and wondering if you had any input. There are very few Bluebirds in this area to comparison shop.

1. There are a few dings in the exterior where the 'bird has been scraped on something probably with a turn. They look to be just external -- is this something we should worry about? (The older couple probably should have stopped driving it before they did -grins) Also the front bumper thing in the center is damaged and looks like rust. Sales person says it is fiberglass and something behind it is rusting and got into the cracks -- that this rust is normal. Do we believe him?

2. Is there a general rule of thumb when bargaining the price -- like buying a car? a house? This one is listed at the top of the NADA guide price range -- but needs to be cleaned, etc. It seems to be in good overall condition, but we haven't seriously looked at all the details yet -- just my first overall impression. I want to go back and spend some time opening everything and seeing what is all there. I have just been through it once while looking at other rv's on the lot. They sort of all start to run together.

3. What items can we expect to need fixing/replacing fairly soon -- I know about tires, and Dan needed a new fridge. Anything else that is a high ticket item to be concerned about that would affect the price paid?

4. How do you know what the CCC weight is on these buses? There seems to be more storage underneath than in the main part of the bus. Not sure where or how we would do computer stuff in this one as it has a table and two chairs with no lower cabinets by the table. Probably would not be able to match the countertops at this age.

We would like something that will last us 15-20 years. It "felt" like quality -- and the laminated interior wasn't gaudy as I expected. I was pleasantly surprised. I am not seeing very many even on the internet that has the wood cabinetry like Dan's-- but I think if we got rid of the mirrors, this is ok. It is very neutral which helps and not white like the pictures show. More cream colored.

This particular one is over our budget -- unless we really s t r e t ch! But, we also want something we won't need to replace. We will be living in this full-time.

Thanks for your help.
Jana and Mike Ewart
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Old 07-08-2009
Rob Robinson's Avatar
Rob Robinson Rob Robinson is offline
Forum Moderator
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You've come to the correct place. You'll get honest answers and good advice here. If at all possible I would plan on attending a BB rally. Even if it means you have to fly in I would do it. There is nothing like seeing, touching, comparing and talking to BB owners. The coach you are looking at should be gone over by a knowledgeable person (a BB owner would be my choice). Tell us where you live (complete a signature block) so we can see if there is anyone close who could help you out. Don't forget to check out http://www.buybyebluebird.com/ to see what's available and at what price. Above all don't let the dealer pressure or BS you. We're here to help and the folks on this site will steer you in the right direction and provide valuable assistance.
Rob Robinson
Victoria, British Columbia
1999 LXi
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Old 07-08-2009
bubblerboy64 bubblerboy64 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
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Jana and Mike, Welcome to the forum. Basically your asking for help evaluating a particular coach. This of course is almost impossible to do over the net. I've owned two BB'ds in the last two years a 1973 which I sold and a 1987 which I currently own. So I've had some experience buying and selling buses. I am going to make a couple suggestions, things that I would do if starting over again.

1) go slowly into this. DON'T buy anything until you have looked at least 3 or 4 and better 6 or more. You don't know what you want or need until you do.

2) Talk to Randy DuPree at Bye Bye Birdie. He is a broker of these machines but he likely knows them better then about anyone on the plant. He's well respected ( all thought it pains me to say it ) If I was in the market he would be the first person I would talk to. He is one of the moderators on the forum and we kid each other a bit but he can save you so much time, money and grief.

3) Prices are WAY down, you don't have to pay book on any motor home.
4) Talk to Randy

5) Talk to Randy

John Heckman
Shippensburg Pa
1987 PT 36
The Bella Mia Sold
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Old 07-08-2009
Hotvenm's Avatar
Hotvenm Hotvenm is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Lake City, Florida
Posts: 77

How does the price compare to what Randy has on his site? I see some very attractive pricing on non slide coaches. The dealer will deal, so don't be afraid to offer what you are willing to pay. I have owned a plastic coach and it is like night and day compared with a BB.
Garland Kirby
Lake City, FL
2006 LXI 450
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Old 07-08-2009
Randy Dupree's Avatar
Randy Dupree Randy Dupree is online now
Forum owner
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Hi Jana,it seems like i've heard your name before?
welcome to the site,everyone here can help you,all you have to do is ask!
I didn't know your price range,and I think I can help you out either way,with info or a coach.
Where are you located? I have a nice 1999 in Va thats priced to sell! A 43' LXI.
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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Old 07-08-2009
racin41bb's Avatar
racin41bb racin41bb is offline
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"Randy Dupree knows Bluebirds."

Talk to Randy.
Bill & Rita Brinner in Roanoke, VA
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12.5kw Kohler/Yanmar (w/slide)
"Magic carpet made of steel"
Steve Goodman 1970

"You never fail until you stop trying".
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Old 07-08-2009
iamflagman's Avatar
iamflagman iamflagman is offline
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Originally Posted by Rob Robinson View Post
Tell us where you live (complete a signature block) so we can see if there is anyone close who could help you out.

Hi Jana,

To find out how to add a permanent signature to your profile please read;

How To Post A New Topic Message Or A Reply To A Topic and Add Your Signature

It reads in part;
Why do we want you to have a signature; Wanderlodge Owners Group > Frequently Asked Questions > User Related Issues What is the signature for?

We have also noticed that there are a lot of members that are not adding their signature to their posted messages. This was one of the things that you were asked to do in the forums GUIDELINES when you became a member of this forum;

" Lastly, we would ask that you sign your posts with your name, coach type and year, this can be easily done by using the signature box in your profile."

So we are asking you again to please just add a signature in your profile with the requested information;

Your Name

Year & Model of 'Bird or WANNABE

Your Location

You can set your signature by choosing User CP at the upper left side of the forums page and then choose Edits Signature from the Settings & Options, then create your signature and if you want to you can add a signature photo, then scroll to the bottom and click on Preview Signature and if you are satisfied with the results, then scroll back down to the bottom and click on Save Signature.

1982 FC35RB
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Old 07-08-2009
fxdwg fxdwg is offline
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Jana & Mike,

Welcome to the forum! There's a ton of good info here that will help in making your purchase. Randy is a great one to talk to for advice. Even if you don't buy from him, you will learn a lot very quickly by chatting with him. As other's have said, the market is down at the moment, so I wouldn't pay high NADA for any coach unless it was ABSOLUTELY spotless and perfect and matched EXACTLY what I wanted. The LX you're looking at doesn't seem to do that for you. So it's probably NOT the right coach for you. As John earlier mentioned, you really need to look at several birds before you get a feel for what you want/need/are willing to live without/etc. Plane fare is cheap given what you're probably going to spend. Go look at several. If you have the ability, the next rally I'm aware of will be just outside Waco, Texas the first full weekend of August. There will be probably 15-20 birds there. I'd recommend taking to the time to fly to Dallas (DFW) renting a car and driving on down. Even if it's just for a day. You will learn a ton in that one day. Well worth the money. Hope this helps. Ask away!
96 WTOS 42'

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Old 07-08-2009
bubblerboy64 bubblerboy64 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Shippensburg Pa
Posts: 6,839

There also is the Rally at Oshkosh Wisconsin last week in July. Don't know how many Birds will be there. Tell us what your budget is we'll spend it for ya. I love my bus, it's all I need but boy if I was full timin and had about a 100 to 125 to spend there are a couple nice ones on the market right now that I drool over daily. Fact of the matter is that if you don't need a series 60 engine there are some well under the 100 K. Randy can tell you more about the pros and cons on the various buses and engines etc. The stuff over about 60 K gets a little too rich for me, and especially given the time I have to travel. So I don't know much about that end of the market. Want my opinion on the one I like the best? And I'm talking just the pictures. Haven't seen the bus don't really know a thing about it but it's the one which for some reason has caught my eye.

John Heckman
Shippensburg Pa
1987 PT 36
The Bella Mia Sold
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Old 07-08-2009
Bill Pape's Avatar
Bill Pape Bill Pape is offline
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This is the place for lots of fun, motorhome experience and travel tips.
Don't spend the whole budget on the purchase, any brand motorhome needs a few things, like about $10K over the first year or two.
This is a great hobby and we have made many friends with like interests.
Bill & Patty
1988 FC, Silver Edition
Commerce, Michigan
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