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Old 08-26-2013
Friday1 Friday1 is offline
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Default 3208 NA

I also have the 3208 NA in my BB. The small area where air enters the air filter shell is inadequate for a big V-8 diesel. I cut another 4" diameter hole in the shell and ran some ducting down to fresh air on the left rear of the motor. Before this modification, it smoked black all the time and was slow as pouring STP on a cold winter day when accelerating. The performance now is much better and the smoke is only visible when accelerating. It used to smoke even when cruising in the sweet spot. Big diesels need lots of air. This will help cool your motor too. A rich mixture makes more heat.

Rick in Ohio

1980 FC35, 1961 PD4106 GMC SN:326 Charter member of the Two Bus Club for now
I am in Toledo, Ohio
Rick Gunther
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Old 08-26-2013
kroosmd kroosmd is offline
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Location: Grandville
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My racor filter was a little dark in the pleats but no chunks of oooze like when I first opened it up a couple of months ago. I did change out the filter though. The front filter is clean and the fuel in the fish bowl after the front filter is clear and bright yellow.
Kris Roos
Grandville, mi
82 FC35 RB
Cat 3208NA
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Old 08-26-2013
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GopherBroke GopherBroke is offline
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I started reading this post before we drove from the top of the Black Hills to the bottom,
(Spearfish to Custer) so with plenty of hills to check for the sweet spot, and I found that sweet spot worked for my coach. Plus better tranny control and using the fan over ride switch kept my engine temps in the approprate zone and I expect it got better mpg too.
Bill Morris
Sioux Falls SD
90 SP36 Pink Panther
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Old 08-26-2013
Crit Bliss's Avatar
Crit Bliss Crit Bliss is online now
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So Kris, why the polish then? Did it run any better after the filter change? Do you have air getting into the fuel system? How about connecting the engine to a 5 gallon fuel can to see if that eliminates the problem then we would know that issue is up stream of the injector pump. If the problem persists then perhaps their is an issue with the injector pump such as a bad governor or maybe low voltage to the fuel shut off solenoid. I hate to see you spend money (maybe lots of money) and not resolve the issue.
Crit Bliss
Cape Cod,ma
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Old 08-27-2013
bubblerboy64 bubblerboy64 is offline
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Yes, I don't think there is any reason to think there is a fuel quality problem at this time.

Clearly there is something restricting air or fuel to the engine. Most likely fuel. Filters and lines and pumps and finally injectors in that order. Right fellows? They are not fast but 4 minutes as compared to 1? I am questioning how the bus even runs if it's restricted that badly.

I would not count on the racor gauge itself providing much information. My gauge has never been accurate at all. A couple of times I've noticed the bus's performance fading some and have changed fuel filters and it's improved.

John Heckman
Shippensburg Pa
1987 PT 36
The Bella Mia Sold
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Old 08-27-2013
Birdshot Birdshot is offline
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Location: Fillmore
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My fc ran really slow when I got it. It seemed to run fine but lacked power. I noticed that it was really slow to make the shift to second gear, it would hang there just before the shift. After I changed filters it improved but was only temporary. I then installed a facet electric pump just before the racor filter in the propane compartment. The performance improved and shifts very quickly into second gear now and gets to speed quicker. I soon found a fuel leak in the line going to the racor gauge when the electric fuel pump was pumping and the engine was not running. I believe I was sucking air into the racor gauge line and it was affecting the high rpm performance. It would improve temporarily when bled. It also would loose prime after sitting for a couple of weeks. You could have a similar problem. I would install a electic pump and change fuel and air filters ,it was the best money I spent . Also my speedo doesn't read correctly so you could be going faster than you think. 65 is about top speed and the time to get from 55 to 65 is another minute or two.

Tom Schott
Ventura Ca.
1980 FC 35 SB
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Old 08-27-2013
warbucks13477's Avatar
warbucks13477 warbucks13477 is offline
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One of the things that make problems like this so difficult to follow and solve is that there are many different floor plans and options even witin the same year and length coaches. both Shane Fedeli, Bob Loomas and I have the same year coaches but not only different floor plans,but for imstance different mounting of the backup camera in the rear. in this case it causes an entirely different field of view in the backup display. I see that from the description of John Finns 3208 fuel system, that his LP tank is located on the street side while my 1982 fc35 was not. i have looked closely many times over posts similar to this thread, and notice the many different types of coaches the posters have and wonder if they have taken into comsideration that the configuration of the posters coach is not the same as the problem posters coach? just something to think about.
Tom Warner
Vernon Center,NY
1985 PT40 SOLD
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