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Old 12-26-2007
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Exclamation Please Read This First, If This Is Your First Time Here

What is going on over here, do we have another Wanderlodge related forum now? Aren't there enough of them already?

Obviously what you point out is correct, there are too many Wanderlodge related forums on the Internet at this time and as it sits right now, it is even more confusing with two of them on Yahoo that are named very similar, that is one reason why in the past few years we have tried real hard to identify the WANDERLODGE forum on Yahoo separately, as the Wanderlodge Owners Group and efforts to unite the two Wanderlodge Yahoo forums fell through some years back, so we struggled on since then trying to create a little different atmosphere and offer some thing's different, but it still seemed to just create confusion to Wanderlodge owners.

Starting in late 2007 we started to change the Wanderlodge Owners Group over to a NEW format, that will have what we consider more to offer our members and will be.....
Entirely FREE right from the start
and will always be that way, there will
on this forum!!!

We know that you really want to start using the forum as a member, but first we want you to be aware of some things. The Wanderlodge Owners Group Guidelines can be found under Site Rules we suggest that you read them, because we strongly adhere to them!!

We do have one BIG REQUEST, when you fill out the information in your profile, PLEASE LIST YOUR PERSONAL NAME along with your forum name. At times we the administrators would like to check to see who is actually posting messages when they forget to add their name to their posts, so that we can remind them. Which brings us to this next request, we also STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to make up a permanent signature that will be automatically posted at the bottom of your posted messages, read How To Post A New Topic Message Or A Reply To A Topic and Add Your Signature there you will find the information about how to set up a signature, that will then be automatically included with all of your posts. if you don't do this in the beginning, when you start posting messages, we will only ask you to do it then.

This NEW forum has many features that Yahoo just didn't offer for us and you can find out about them by clicking on this Forum Features You can set all of your personal settings by clicking on User CP at the top of the NEW forums opening page, this will open up the Control Panel where you will find all kinds of things that you can do.

One new feature is you can add photos off of a Internet photo album to the body of your posted messages, of lets say the part you are having a problem with like this;

To learn how to do this click on this How can I add a photo to the body of my message? there you will also find out how add a photo, or other type of a file off of your computer as an attachment to your post, like I have done at the bottom of this post. In order to view that type of attachment you then have to click on the attachment, just like what you would get in an email.

There are a lot more Forum Features that we are sure that you will find very handy, so check out that link.

Whenever a forum posted message is sent out to those receiving them by email, you will notice that the return address is iamflagman@aol.com, so remember to reply to a topic you must look at the body of the email message and use the links listed there, that will take you to the forums message and then you can reply there. You cannot reply directly to the emailed message, like you would in a regular email, if you do it will come to the forums contact email address and then it goes into the forum Dead Email / Spam folder.

If you are used to reading the old Yahoo forum, on the Internet where all of the posted messages could be seen, see this message How do I read this NEW forum, like I did the old Yahoo forum on the Internet? UPDATED

Along with Randy Dupree's business http://www.buybyebluebird.com/ there are some commercial vendors and businesses that have already indicated that they will want to join the forum and pay to advertise on it, so that will help offset some of the operating costs and keep the forum FREE to our members.

You will be able to access some of the new forum without even joining, but in order to post and answer questions on it, you will have to join and of course that will be FREE, we can't state this enough,

You will never be asked to pay a fee to gain access to any part of this forum!!

We are in the process of adding all of the FILES, LINKS, DATABASE and PHOTOS that are currently on the old WANDERLODGE forum Yahoo site to this NEW forum, but you are encouraged to keep your membership in the old forum, or if you are not a member please join it by going to http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/wanderlodge/ we will still continue to use the old forum for storage of materials that can benefit you. The Yahoo site will still be owned by Randy and will be left in place for an undetermined period of time, until we feel that it is no longer needed and then and only then will it be closed.

If you are not a member already please join the forum and be sure to check out How do I change my email notification settings? to make sure that you have the forum delivery set up the way that you want it to be. Then try out for yourself some of the features, if you have any comments, or questions please feel free to contact one of us.

Please Do Not Reply To This Posted Message. If you have a reply to make,just start a NEW THREAD under ANNOUNCEMENTS, or send us a message through this link Wanderlodge Owners Group Forum Administrator

Randy Dupree
Forum Owner

John Finn
Forum Moderator

Rob Robinson
Forum Moderator
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