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BMC (Bluebird Motor Coach Unique Issues) If you have a unique issue with your BMC coach and it can't be answered in one of the other forums here, then this is where you can list it.....List your BMC Parts here too.

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Old 05-09-2009
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Default FYI Only, BMC 37' Access to on board ACME propane tank for accessory appliances

Tapping into propane tank:
For future reference for anyone else wanting to add this capability (easily) to a BMC in general, and a 94 BMC for sure. My on board Acme propane tank is on the passenger side forward compartment.

I orginally purchased the camping world kit "Stay A While Deluxe". This kit was to allow to "power" a remote small size propane grill or any other propane applicance that runs off the 1 lb bottle type thread design, plus to add a large propane tank to feed into the motorhome on extended full time stays to avoid draining the large
built in acme tank on the BMC, and thus having to move the coach to refill. The camping world kit comes with the valve, plus a 12" hose to the grill/appliance, plus a 5' hose to a tank to feed into the BMC
(with the built in acme tank valve turned off).

This camping world product is acutally a "Mr Heater" product. The stay a while and extend a stay are very similar. There are two problems with the camping world/Mr Heater product. The first is that
it is a long valve, and there is not room to add it without exceeding the length of the compartment to the left hand sheet metal with the propane plumbing - in other words it just doesn't fit, it is too long. You can modify the valve by buying a small $2 part to replace 1/4 of the length, but now problem 2 (as I found out). Problem 2 is
that the small outlet on the valve that feeds the hose that goes into the external tank to "stay a while" on the Mr Heater/camping world product has a repution of leaking according to a propane RV plumbing expert I found, and in fact mine DID leak.

My expert source was: http://www.thepropaneman.com/ just on the west side of Albuquerque. At first I was not sure of his info re the leaky valve, but I tested it out and he was in fact correct in my case.

I strongly recommend that you do not buy the valve from Mr Heater nor from Camping World.

Marshall Brass sells a "extend-a-stay kit tee" that is shorter and fits, and does not leak. It is a few $$ more. You can buy only the valve, or the valve plus hoses.

or google "marshall brass extend-a-stay" to pull up the Marshall Brass products. If you buy this product and assemble the tools, it is then only a 10 minute project. Again, you can buy only the valve, or the valve plus hoses.

With this easy mod you can power propane
grills/fireplaces/torches/stoves/ovens etc at campside, 12' from the coach without hauling external tanks, and if you ever put down roots for a long stay you can have the local propane comapny deliver any size external tank to feed the BMC.

As a related item, if your propane detector (at floor level) with auto propane tank shutoff fails, the best replacement I could find was: CCI Control Pre-Tell 2. It requires cutting a slightly larger opening, and using a baseplate cut from thin wood. Original propane detector with cutoff no longer available,
Sold the BMC, left the forums.
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